Where to see the dying glaciers


It’s not hard to find dying glaciers. 

In any glaciated country there is a spot to see receding glaciers, said Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist at Nichols College. The diminishing rivers of ice are perhaps the most visible consequence of the planet’s accelerating climate change

“Glaciers provide some of the clearest evidence of climate change that is — at least in principle — understandable for everybody: ice melts in a warming atmosphere,” noted glaciologist Michael Zemp, who is the director of the World Glacier Monitoring Service.

A dead Icelandic glacier, named Okjökull, recently made international news as scientists announced that a metal memorial would soon commemorate the shrunken ice mass. But before many glaciers recede beyond view in the coming decades, or die completely, there are exceptionally accessible places to see these glorious natural phenomena, which for millennia have coursed down mountains and through valleys. It’s a poignant way to witness the profound scope of change now transpiring on Earth. The places, detailed below, don’t require mountaineering.  Read more…

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