Want to get healthier? There’s an app for that


When it comes to wellness, millennials use apps for everything from fitness tracking to keeping their finances healthy. But it’s crowded out there in the wellness cloud, and the goal is to reduce stress, not stress yourself out searching for apps to make you feel good, right? Whatever gets you going — meditating, running, yoga — these tips will help you get started. And Noom will help you eat right to stay in the game. 

Yoga, your way

Yoga and meditation go together like toast and avocado, but maybe you don’t have a nearby studio you like. Take your practice home and get into tree pose while your cauliflower-crust pizza bakes in the oven. Apps like Yoga Studio and Glo make it doable. Use Noom to track your progress getting into eagle pose — and for the pizza recipe.  Read more…

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