Vitagene Premium Health DNA Kit on sale, includes info on fitness, nutrition, and skin care


A single DNA test can reveal a lot of things: where your family comes from, if you have a genetic predisposition to a disease, or whether or not you’re related to a famous person (who is hopefully not a serial killer). As humans, we’re naturally curious to uncover these things, which is why we willingly have companies decode our DNA, causing the sequencing market to explode in recent years. (If you’re unsure about which DNA test kit is right for you, this guide will help. Want to test your dog? There’s a DNA test for that too.)

Vitagene, a health and wellness personalization platform, goes beyond ancestry and offers you actionable diet and exercise plans based on your DNA, as well as in-depth analysis of your skin health. If you’re wary about dropping a lot of money on something like this, don’t fret: You can pick up a premium kit for an extra 15% off with the code MADNESS15. Read more…

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