United allegedly burned dead giant rabbit's remains without consent


The sad mystery around the sudden death of a giant rabbit onboard a United Airlines flight in April deepens thanks to new, disturbing allegations made by the rabbit’s owners.

The owners of giant hare Simon are demanding an undisclosed payment for damages and an independent investigation into what the heck exactly happened to the 10-month-old three-foot-long continental giant rabbit on the London-to-Chicago flight in late April that resulted in his death

Their lawyer, Guy Cook, alleges that, at some point, Simon was locked in a freezer, potentially for 16 hours, by mistake, and that’s how he died. The hare was then cremated without the owners’ consent, Cook said at a news conference Monday, pointing to UK tabloid reports written at the time of Simon’s death that quoted an anonymous airline staffer detailing the freezer incident. Read more…

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