The Sill's plant delivery service will convince you of your own green thumb

The Sill
The Good

Wide selection of plants • Smart • thoughtful packaging • Ample information on plant species and care

The Bad

Costs can be high for extras and workshops

The Bottom Line

Buying plants from an IRL shop will generally be easier, but The Sill is a nice option if you must order online.

👑 Mashable Score
💅Easy to use
🎯Delivers on promise
💵 Bang for the Buck

I’ve ordered plants from two online shops now, and the concept is still mostly baffling to me. Its convenience only kind of mitigates all its issues: Not only are the plants exposed to the elements and jostled during shipping, they’re also in containers full of dirt that, at some point, are going to turn upside down. Plus, you have to get rid of all that packaging! Read more…

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