The Priority Embark made me a believer in electric bikes

Priority Embark
The Good

Durable materials • Powerful motor and batteries

The Bad

The hefty price tag

The Bottom Line

A rugged commuter bike that’s worthy of replacing your car in the city.

⚡ Mashable Score
😎 Cool Factor
📘Learning Curve
💵 Bang for the Buck

If you spend enough time riding bikes in New York or San Francisco, you’ll probably notice a growing trend: electric bikes, otherwise known as “e-bikes,” are starting to pop up everywhere. 

E-bikes are known for reducing some of the hard work required to ride a traditional bike. They make it much easier to climb hills, pedal against strong gusts of wind, and travel long distances without completely exhausting yourself — or worse — showing up to your final destination a sweaty mess. Read more…

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