The Cubii Pro smart under-desk elliptical is $100 off on Amazon


TL;DR: Stay active at the office with the Cubii Pro, an under-desk elliptical that’s not as extra as it sounds. It’s on sale for $249 at Amazon — a savings of $100.

Who has the energy to go to the gym after a long, hard day of sitting in an office chair?

As backwards as it sounds, the sedentary lifestyle can get exhausting. It’s not exactly riveting, and finding the motivation to get up and burn some calories outside of the 9-5.

Cubii wants to change that. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled elliptical that sits under your desk and provides a way to stay active at the office without taking a walk every hour (or whatever that weird suggestion is). If it sounds like a life saver, just know that it’s $100 off its regular price on Amazon. Read more…

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