The 11 agonizing stages of waiting for a new lover to text you back


LONDON — Ah, the joy of love’s first flush. Oh wait, no — it’s 2016. 

Alas, when you’re a millennial, the start of a new relationship is anything but joyful. 

We all know the feeling. You’ve exchanged numbers; you’ve friended them on Facebook; you’re now invested and every message counts. 

During those early days of texting back and forth, it’s hard to know precisely where you stand with your prospective partner. Questions abound. Do they like me back? Do they think I’m funny? OMG, do they just wanna be friends? 

Worst of all, however, is the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach as you await a response to a text. As time marches on, the nervousness increases, eventually becoming nigh-on unbearable. You feel all of the feelings known to mankind.  Read more…

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