Save an additional 15% off these CBD-infused gummies for Presidents Day


As we celebrate Presidents Day, we have a fun little trivia for you: did you know that George Washington grew hemp?

We know what you’re thinking, and nope, it’s not that kind. The American Cincinnatus grew the type of hemp that turns into a rope, not the type you smoke.

But now that we have your attention, allow us to direct you to something that is also (technically) made from hemp: CBD-infused gummies.

In case you haven’t noticed, CBD (cannabidiol) is all the rage right now. Unlike its trippy cousin THC, CBD is believed to promote a sense of calm and overall wellness, and it’s now found in a laundry list of items of varying levels of weirdness — from topical oil to sparkling water to scented candles to even mascara. Read more…

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