Save 76% on this powerful electric toothbrush that can remove 10 times more plaque


TL;DR: The powerful AquaSonic Vibe Toothbrush is on sale for $39.99, a savings of 76%.

Pondering whether you need an electric toothbrush or not is like pondering whether you need a smartphone when you already have a fully-functioning flip phone — it should be a no-brainer.

Sure, a traditional toothbrush can scrub all the debris from your pearly whites, but can it clean hard-to-reach areas? Can it ensure that you brush the recommended amount of time? No, not really. And besides, you know better than to let your chompers get in contact with a brush you just picked up at the checkout counter.

To give your teeth the TLC they deserve, use the AquaSonic Vibe Toothbrush, an ultra-powerful modern electric brush which you can take home for 76% off. Read more…

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