Save $50 on a personalized suitcase from Roam Luggage with this coupon code


Baggage claim can be an absolute nightmare if you have standard, neutral colored luggage — even when it’s the smart kindRoam Luggage aims to help you create customized suitcases that express your individuality and personal style, making them easier to differentiate from the sea of black on the baggage claim conveyor belt.

You can start customizing your own personal luggage from Roam and save $50 on your creation when you enter the code MASHABLE50 at checkout. (Psst. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift — just saying.)

If you’re wondering to what extent you’re able to design a suitcase, Roam offers more than one million color combinations from the exterior shell down to the stitching, plus you can add a monogram at no extra cost. You can literally make every piece of your suitcase a different color if you want, as proven by this psychedelic GIF: Read more…

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