Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: Beyond big


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The most annoying thing about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ isn’t its missing headphone jack. It’s the fact that the power button moved from right to left. 

I’ve been trying to adjust for a week and have been mostly unsuccessful in retraining my muscle memory. The switch is great for people who use their phone with their left hand (lefties, rejoice!), but for folks like myself, the change might be hard to get used to.

Everything else about the Galaxy Note 10+ is excellent, which isn’t surprising. Samsung once again polished the metal-and-glass sandwich design to yet another level of luxury; the iridescent Aura Glow color is especially eye-catching. The huge display, with its super-thin bezels and center-aligned selfie camera, is even more gorgeous than on the Galaxy S10+. And the quad-camera system, performance, and battery life are all champs worthy of the Note 10’s hefty price. Read more…

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