Obsessed with your gut health? Try this DNA testing kit.


TL;DR: Snag the Thryve DNA testing and personalized probiotics kit for $89 in the Mashable Shop. It’s typically $199 so you’ll save 55%.

Let’s talk about guts – specifically, your gut. Did you know your gut has trillions of bacteria, called the microbiome, that majorly influence your overall health? In fact, your digestive, immune, weight, and even mood problems can all be linked back to how healthy your microbiome is. 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about your own gut, then now’s the time.

Thryve Gut DNA Testing and Personalized Probiotics explores your individual microbiome and generates a recommended dietary plan specifically for you. You’ll get details on your gut balance, bacterial species, and where you can improve. Then, based on the results of your gut DNA test, you’ll get a customized probiotic formula specifically made to repair your gut. Read more…

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