New dating app goes full-blown 'Law and Order', bans everyone with a criminal record


A new dating app is going full-blown Law and Order on daters by running a background check on them before they get swiping. And then blocking anyone who has a criminal record

But, is it fair to apply ban literally everyone with a conviction, especially if it’s over a petty crime? 

Gatsby — which is currently only available on iOS in the U.S. — works like most dating apps, you swipe left to pass, swipe right to match. But, there’s one rather significant difference: When new users sign up to the app, Gatsby scans them for criminal records. 

According to the app’s founder, Joseph Penora, the app scans U.S. criminal and sex offender databases. “If you were to just scan for sex offenders you wouldn’t ban people with domestic violence crimes, theft, etc. So we scan for both,” he says.  Read more…

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