Make mornings easier with the Philips Wake-Up Light, on sale for 30% off at Amazon


If you’re not a morning person, we know how difficult waking up can be. But there are some major benefits to waking up early. The first hour of your day often sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go, and giving yourself enough time to get energized in the morning will actually help you maintain your energy throughout the rest of the day, according to

Philips is here to make getting out of bed in the morning easier. Its Wake-Up Light uses a combination of light and sound to wake you up, and right now you can get it for $137.97 at Amazon, a savings of 30%.

Philips pulled inspiration from nature’s lighting, designing the alarm clock’s light to increase gradually over 30 minutes until your room is filled with bright yellow light, simulating a sunrise. This process stimulates your body to wake up naturally. You’re able to program the light to your desired brightness. By the time the light has reached its peak, your chosen natural sound begins to play to gently wake you. Read more…

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