If you've thought about driving while high, let this hilarious video convince you it's not worth it


When it comes to drug use, some public service announcements try scaremongering or preachiness, or a combination of both, to make their case. (Remember the sizzling egg in a pan from “this is your brain on drugs“?) 

But a new PSA about driving while high skips right over fear and goes straight to humor.

The video’s hero, a young man first seen smiling in a haze of smoke, is asked to chop a pineapple by his girlfriend. He imagines the dangerous hijinks that would ensue and politely replies, “Nope, I’m high. How ’bout I wash off the grapes?” He comes to a similar conclusion when she proposes driving to get tacos and he can’t even catch the car keys she tosses his way.  Read more…

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