If you're one of those people who packs a month's worth of stuff for a weekend trip, you need this bag


Traveling is a hassle, y’all. Where’s the happy medium between forgetting something and overpacking?

A Kickstarter project wants to help you get everything possible out of your excursions, sans the packing anxiety and embarrassingly huge luggage that makes spontaneous exploration next to impossible. And it comes in the form of a bag that sucks. (Stick with us here.)

By sucks, we mean vacuum compressed, which means more space to pack without the bulky feel. Meet GoBag.

Already super funded on Kickstarter, GoBag wants to be the only travel bag you’ll ever need again — and with six different ways to open it and an air-tight compartment to pack more than you’ve ever packed before, we’d say that’s highly possible. The vacuum compression can be done by hand, or by using a literal vacuum if you’re really trying to pack that puppy full. Read more…

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