Here's how to find your polling place — and where to eat or drink after


With less than two weeks until Election Day, most voters have made up their minds. Now, the key is making sure they get to a voting booth.

With that in mind, Foursquare has introduced a new map to help people find their polling place. Simply type in your home address and the interactive map below will show your polling location — and also suggest nearby places to eat, grab a coffee or sit down for a much-needed beer or cocktail.

Foursquare, the check-in app turned location intelligence company, created the map in partnership with the Voting Information Project and Mapbox.

Not every state has finalized their polling places, so don’t fret if your address does not work. So far, there is data for 45 states and Washington DC, and the map is missing Pennsylvania, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. The map is updating in real-time through Foursquare’s collaboration with the Voting Information Project.  Read more…

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