Get a $30 Amazon video game credit when you buy the Nintendo Switch

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Get a bonus $30 Amazon video game credit with this Nintendo  Switch and double your gift like magic.
Get a bonus $30 Amazon video game credit with this Nintendo  Switch and double your gift like magic.

Image: Nintendo

TL;DR: Rock some neon blue and red Joy-Cons with this Nintendo Switch for $299, plus get a bonus $30 Amazon video game credit for a little something extra. The perfect gift for any gamer.

The Nintendo Switch is hands-down the most popular portable gaming console around right now. That means it gets to throw its weight around a bit and big discounts are proving to be rarer than a unicorn sighting on December 32nd. 

For every Xbox or PS4 priced to move this holiday season, Nintendo Switch bundles have remained notoriously static when it comes to price. This has forced retailers to get a little more creative in their quest to be the unicorn that gamers deserve, adding all kinds of extras to entice savvy shoppers. 

Exhibit A: Right now at Amazon you can get the Nintendo Switch for $299, plus a free $30 promotional credit good towards a video game purchase. Yes, okay, it is a Switch console with a 6.2-inch touch screen, a dock to connect to your TV, improved battery life of up to 9 hours, plus both a Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con — all for the same basic price as it was last week. But last week you didn’t have the possibility to get a free game (or at least a nice price-drop on a big game). So it is pretty much a gift that keeps on giving.

Though it’s not some super-fancy themed bundle that comes with a bajillion extras, or has Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the latest Legend of Zelda included, that doesn’t mean it won’t make a great gift option this holiday. It is still a Nintendo Switch, after all — the most sought after portable system of the year, with a solid library of games and plenty of accessories to keep things interesting well into the next decade.  


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