Foursquare is throwing in the towel on being a social app, but has another trick up its sleeve


Foursquare was once believed to be the next big social app. On storefronts, business owners featured a Foursquare logo, next to Facebook and Twitter. People flocked to it to learn what their friends were up to. 

But no longer. That’s not Foursquare’s main game anymore. Facebook, now valued at nearly $500 billion with 2 billion monthly active users, isn’t easy to compete with, and so, Foursquare is going with something different. 

The 8-year-old app released Swarm 5.0 Tuesday, a version of the app that favors lifelogging over social networking. Now, Swarm sees its strength in personal data collection, more like Fitbit but tracking the places you visit over your steps.  Read more…

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