Extremely useful website will show you Sephora reviews that mention crying

Any beauty enthusiast who’s had a crush, seen A Star Is Born, or listened to a Phoebe Bridgers song knows that truly good makeup holds up through a monsoon of violent tears. They’ll also appreciate this dataset created by programmer, artist, and student Connie Ye, which identifies references to crying in Sephora reviews to point you to the weep-proof products you want. 

The dataset lives on one of Ye’s websites, where users can refresh repeatedly to see dozens of makeup reviews that mention crying, sobbing, or tears. Reading them is a frequently funny and occasionally poignant experience: Some share an affecting amount of personal detail, making them read more like digital-age flash fiction than opinions about products. In fact, product names and usernames aren’t visible on Ye’s site, so that’s pretty much what they are. Read more…

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