Calphalon ceramic cookware set is on sale for $40 off at Walmart


TL;DR: This 12-piece cookware set from Select by Calphalon covers all your cooking bases and it’s only $89.99 at Walmart, saving you $40 off the regular price.

If you need a sign that your old pots and pans with un-washable dried food in them need to be replaced, here it is.

You won’t want to fork over $300 for a new set if you’re cooking out of necessity rather than as a hobby, but going the cheap route will have you needing a new set in a few months. Replace your rust with Select by Calphalon: The iconic brand’s affordable line of nonstick cookware. This 12-piece set will get you all the sizes and shapes you may need, and it’s on sale for $89.99 at Walmart. Read more…

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