Amazon wants to suggest pants that effectively hide your thunder


Getting dressed for a special occasion can be a major pain: Does my shirt go with these bottoms? Can I match a checkered pattern with stripes? Should I wear black shoes or brown shoes?

Soon, we won’t have to worry about fashion faux pas anymore.

Amazon today was awarded a patent today that uses a system of cameras, projectors, and mirrors to layer digital images onto a reflection of your body in a mirror. In essence, you can try new clothes on just by standing in front of the display unit.

The Amazon smart mirror can also show you images of different landscapes — like a beach or a musuem gallery — so you can see what your outfit would look like in a specific setting. The idea is that you can know exactly how you’ll look during the beach wedding your planning for, or how you’ll look in front of your coworkers at the company holiday party. Read more…

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