Add some greenery to your home with The Sill's 50% off Cyber Monday sale

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Live plants, pottery, and totes are heavily discounted for The Sill's massive Cyber Monday sale.
Live plants, pottery, and totes are heavily discounted for The Sill’s massive Cyber Monday sale.

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Feeling inspired by all of those chic, boho-looking apartments on Instagram that are filled from floor to ceiling with greenery? If converting your abode into a literal plant nursery is “hashtag apartment goals” in your mind, then we have the ultimate Cyber Monday stop for you: The Sill.

Their biggest sale of the year is going until the end of the day, and during that time you can score up to half off of their absolutely gorgeous live plants, plant pottery, and more. Time to get your apartment and IG profile looking stunning. 

Check out the entirety of The Sill’s Cyber Monday offerings here if you want to parse through it all — or just take a look at our favorites below. 

This larger, succulent-style plant only needs to be watered every two to three weeks, and its vibrant yellow edges will bring a unique splash of color to your plant lineup. Grab one for $28 off during the Sill’s Cyber Monday event. 

Are you really a plant parent if you don’t have a Pothos? The OG houseplant is so popular because it’s extremely easy to take care of — perfect for beginners. Save $17.02 during the Cyber Monday sale.

Speaking of plants that are easy to take care of, how about a smaller succulent? The beauty of these plants are that they look great anywhere and don’t have to be watered all that often. Hooray for low-maintenance. Save $12.80 on one for Cyber Monday.

Soak these little ones weekly in a bowl of water and shake off the excess — it’s as easy as that. The perfect accessory for your empty window sill. Save $20 on the on a package of three for Cyber Monday. 

Want to get a jumpstart on the whole plant parenthood thing? Try The Sill’s seasonal selection of low-maintenance houseplants and take the guesswork out of picking your new green companions. The bundle is $8 off during the Cyber Monday sale.

Already have the plants you need, but just want some new pottery? This duo bundle is a great pick and will add a little something new to your space. Save $39.50 during The Sill’s sale.

Round out the plant parent aesthetic with one of these super cute tote bags — both of them are $6 off for Cyber Monday.

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