5 great deals on teeth whitening kits this week

A “million-dollar smile” is named appropriately. It can entail treatments that break both the bank AND your soul: torturous trips to the orthodontist and dentist, a variation of strips and gels, braces, lasers — the works. 

While we can’t help you in the straightening department, we have suggestions on how you can speed up the whitening process. For a limited time, take your pick from these discounted teeth whitening bundles, all of which will help you get blindingly white chompers:

Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

This whitening kit is different from its competitors in that it uses thermoforming trays, infused with the highest legal grade teeth whitening gel, that mold to your teeth for enhanced efficiency. The direct contact between the formula and each one of your pearly whites makes it all the more effective and provides long-lasting results. It only takes 10 minutes to use, and after a complete round of treatment, your teeth can whiten up to 14 shades brighter. It usually retails for $79.99, but you can grab it on sale for $25 — a savings of 68%. Read more…

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