13 travel bloggers on their very favorite travel gadgets


There are a lot of different travel gadgets out there, and it’s hard to know if what you’re getting is going to be useful or just end up collecting dust somewhere in your closet. When you’re hopping around from country to country, it’s important to travel light and only pack the essentials.

Travel gadgets are something we cover often. We’ve broken down the best coffee mugs to take on your morning commute, gotten tech-savvy with the most high tech smart luggage sets, and scoured the web for the one item we pretty much always forget when journeying into foreign lands: Travel adapters.    

An ideal travel gadget is the kind of thing you’ll use over and over, something that will satisfy such a specific and persistent need that you’ll come to rely on it, uncertain how you ever traveled without it. A good travel gadget should be well-made, easy to pack, and worth every penny. Read more…

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