The 6 emotional stages of watching an awards show

Finally, it’s awards season. FINALLY, VIPs of the stage and screen will congregate at some big theater, dressed to the nines (and some to the tens) in the hopes of being rewarded for their outstanding performances of the past year. The validation of their hard work and childhood dreams hangs in the balance, and it’s all broadcasted for your amusement.

Are you drunk with excitement yet? You bet you are.

These celebs won’t be the only ones riding rollercoasters of emotion that evening. You will also be taken on a moving journey, where your limbic system will rage in tandem with the show’s events.

To better prepare you for this emotional upheaval, we’ve outlined exactly what you’ll be experiencing during these award shows.

Fasten your seatbelts. This is going to be a wonderfully bumpy…

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