Man receives ridiculous BMI request from employer, has to prove his height isn't 17 cm

The story was unveiled via Whatsapp and shared by the man’s brother on Twitter.
Image: Monkey Business Images/Corbis/Twitter/Mashable composite @fakethom

LONDON — Sometimes in Britain, simple bureaucracy has been known to trump common sense.

This story of a man’s unusual encounter with his new employer over a health form is the perfect example.

“So.. My brother phoned me,” wrote doctor and YouTuber Thom O’Neill in a Whatsapp conversation he shared on Twitter. “He sent an occupational health form to new employer. They phoned him to tell him to urgently go to his GP because his BMI was dangerously high. Now. My brother is pretty slim. He asked what the numbers were and his BMI was about 149,000.”

Here’s the strange story in full.

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