DIY arcade cabinets: Just add IKEA furniture

Many of us have longed to have a working arcade cabinet in our homes — but a combination of space and price often keep them out of reach.

But Ikea furniture hacker SIN Tchan created a working arcade cabinet using Ikea’s Micke desk, as well as other parts — and explains how you can build your very own. 

Here’s what SIN recommends you use:

– MICKE desk $49.99

– Samsung monitor 24” hdmi with speakers $150

– Arcade stick motherboard $30 (type ”arcade stick pcb” on

– Buttons + joystick (brand Sanwa) $40

– Stainless steel panel $30

– Black stickers $15

– stool $50

– a xbox or playstation system

The arcade stick motherboard that SIN recommends can also be used with PCs, so if you want to load any arcade classics on a Windows PC, you can certainly make that work too.

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