68% of millennials report digital eye strain. How to soothe the ache

If you’re one of the nearly four in 10 millennials or one-third of Gen Xers that spend at least nine hours on a digital device each day, you could be putting the health of your eyes at serious risk.

A recent study from the Vision Council suggests that 68% of millennials report suffering from the effects of what is known as “digital eye strain.”

For most of us, looking at screens throughout the day is utterly unavoidable. So what can we do to protect our eyes?

Causes of digital eye strain


A mix of factors lead to digital eye strain, but the crux is that staring at a glowing display (be it a computer monitor, laptop screen, television, tablet or phone) for long periods is unnatural.

Worse, small print and blurry images may cause you to strain in order to focus. You blink less when…

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