5 steps for, like, literally cutting the word 'like' out of your life

If you, like, say “like” too much, it can, like, weaken the impact of what you’re trying to say.

The slang interjection is a “filler” word we’re all guilty of using, but it’s how often you say it that makes the real difference.

We spoke to experts to gather a set of useful, tried and tested tips to eliminate such filler words from your vocabulary.

Do you like “like”? Does it drive you crazy? Have your say in the comments.

It’s, like, mallspeak

Modern “like” usage stems from what’s known as “Valleyspeak,” an American sociolect that began in the 1970s in California’s San Fernando Valley.

Frank Zappa parodied it with his daughter Moon Unit in the 1982 song Valley Girl, incidentally Zappa’s only American top 40 hit.