14 free online personality tests that'll help point you in the right direction

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There’s something wonderful about personality tests — the idea that you can put yourself into a category (or categories), just like that, is so relieving and self-satisfying. I’m an introvert and an extrovert! I’m sensitive but strong-minded! This one told me I’m destined to marry rich! (Alright, that’s my horoscope.)

But it really is a cool concept, and while we can understand that these quizzes will not be completely accurate, a lot of them do provide us with some insight into who we are, how we act, what our potential is, and where our ambition might take us. The more you know and understand about yourself, the more likely you are to find a career path you’ll love.

So, if you’re looking for some great time wasters (tell your boss it’s for his or her own good), keep scrolling…

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